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Over my 10 years’ experience I have specialised in large-scale restoration of instruments, making new instruments, as well as smaller-scale repairs and sound adjustments. I’m happy to discuss any requirements your instrument should need in my workshop in Strasbourg.

About me

I trained at the Violin-making school in Mittenwald, Germany from 2008-2012. Both during and after my schooling, I spent time in many workshops across multiple countries, including those of Hieronymus Köstler in Stuttgart, Ian McWilliams in Brandenburg, Warren Bailey in Victoria, Canada, and Christophe Landon in New York.

After graduating I was employed for three years in the workshop of Fabrice Planchat in Clemont-Ferrand, France, and for six years I’ve perfected my skills working for Philip Brown Violins in Newbury, England where I also had the chance to attend several restoration courses.

Throughout my career I’ve been working on instruments made by Testore, Gagliano, Maggini, Rugeri, Bergonzi, to name a few.

I enjoy working closely with colleagues and taking time to participate in courses, joint making projects, shared workshops and teaching. Alongside Andrew Fairfax I give courses to violin makers at the beginning of their career.

All this provides a constant exchange of information and means I am always re-thinking and revising my working methods to give myself more understanding and flexibility to adapt to the varied challenges of the diverse instruments I encounter.

All this helps me to achieve my goal: making sure a musician’s instruments works at its best and helps them to play with confidence.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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